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Web-development is a multistage and complex process, which requires a considerable workforce. IT-companies, which offer a web site creation on a turn-key basis, divide the web-development process by next stages:

1. The drafting of a technical specification. The responsibility for this stage lies upon a project manager. Clients wishing to order a web site creation should fill a brief in which describe in detail their vision of the web site. Based on this brief, project manager formulates the technical specification.

2. Web pages design. According to the technical specification, a wed-designer creates a web-site prototype. Then one or several versions of pages are drawn. This stage concludes with an approval of design by the customer.

3. Front-end and Back-end developing. Based on the approved design, HTML-layout is done and a code, available for a view in web-browsers, is written. After that our specialists using CMS or without it create an original web-site from finished HTML-pages.

4. Web-site filling and optimization. It’s an important stage during which the web-site is filled by text-, photo- and video-content, a list of goods and services is added.

5. Testing of the web site. After the previous stages are completed, our specialists check the web site for potential errors through various tests.

If you want, but don’t know where to order a web-site, please, request our company and you will become an owner of a web tool, which will help your business to develop.


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